Who Do You Think You Are, Marquette Golden Eagle Mascot?

C.M. Tomlinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:C.M. TomlinC.M. Tomlin
I have often believed that my first experience with a majestic, soaring creature as yourself would be one I would always treasure, write about in my journal and recollect later as one of the moments in my life I encountered something truly special. All of this hope came crashing to the earth last night when, in a moment I could never have predicted, I was shot down and completely refused an interview with the mascot of Marquette's Golden Eagles. This would all be understandable if I'd been denied by Pitt coach Jamie Dixon, even sparkplug Buzz Williams. But I was cast aside by a person in a furry eagle costume. After the game, as the figure stood in the foyer off court, I approached to get an interview. Because, hey, it's a MASCOT. The eagle looked at me, shook his head no, and just walked off. We enjoyed our time in Marquette, to be sure. Campus was fun and I haven't seen that many white people dancing since Coke Zero came out. But dissed by a person in an eagle costume? That's a first. And I've been dissed by the best of them. With the Marquette Golden Eagle mascot now my sworn enemy, rest assured I will not rest until this injustice has been avenged. It will involve a series of elaborately planned motions which will ultimately conclude with this mascot feeling the same shame and disappointment as I felt last night. And he will bow his giant, oversized eagle head in shame. And I will have bested him. You're on the list, Golden Eagle. You're on notice. Don't forget that. On to Northern Iowa today, perhaps stopping to milk a cow along the way if there's time. Don't forget, gang, to join us back here tonight for a LIVE BLOG at 7:00 PM, where you'll get more information from our exploits. We miss you already, and will be back in your loving arms soon, Kentucky.

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