Who does LaPhonso Ellis think he is?

Who does LaPhonso Ellis think he is?

Drew Franklinover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


I've had it out for LaPhonso Ellis for a long time. It dates back to my childhood when nearly every pack of Skybox trading cards I opened had at least two LaPhonso Ellis cards inside. I bought pack after pack in hopes of finding a Reggie Miller or a Horace Grant, but no... I just kept getting those damn LaPhonso Ellis doubles.  What was I supposed to do with those? What kid in their right mind would trade with me?  It was bull and the mass production of LaPhonso Ellis trading cards was one of the biggest scams of the 90s and it robbed kids like me of their dream of being a multi-billionaire card collector. Ugh.  It makes me sick to my stomach. Anyway, fast forward to the present and LaPhonso Ellis is still ticking me off and this time it concerns all of us in Big Blue Nation. Last night on ESPN, LaPhonso Ellis called Kentucky "the most overrated team in the nation." Not "one of" or just "overrated."  He called UK "the most overrated team" in all of college basketball.  Absurd. I'm sure Kentucky's spot right above Notre Dame (LaPhonso's alma mater) in the AP poll had something to do with his ridiculous statement. Or he craves the attention he once had when he was throwing flaming alley oops to Dikembe Mutombo on NBA Jam.  Either way, you need to pump the brakes, 'Phonso. ------------------------------- If anyone is interested in trading for LaPhonso Ellis basketball cards, please let me know.  If not, they'll keep collecting dust in my treasure chest of disappointment and misfortune.

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