Who doesn't love head...iness?
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Who doesn't love head...iness?

John Dubyaalmost 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
As this basketball season drones along with the fervor of a filibuster, we the fan are clamoring for even the slightest speck of good news. This week of course, that speck is the possible return of Derrick Jasper to the backcourt. Although this team's deficiencies far exceed a single player, there is still reason to hope... ...Because Derrick Jasper is heady. mbb_011307_jasper1.jpg Jasper, about to do something heady We've seen many things from the team this season, not one of 'em heady. Coury has shown glimpses of heady, unfortunately, he lacks the 'handsy' and 'footy' to make it relevant. Patterson, well, I certainly don't blame Robert DeNiro for The Fan. Say what you want about his jumper, Jasper is a true point guard on a team with a 0.8 assist/turnover ratio dramatically incapable of feeding the big fella. We'll have to wait for Meeks (who's pretty heady himself) to truly pretty up this offense, but the possible return of D-Jas couldn't be more opportune. Here's to hoping. So there you go: Jasper= heady, heady= good. Hooray for basketball IQ! And head...y play. And innuendo.

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