Who is the WORST Player in College Football?
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Who is the WORST Player in College Football?

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
2ab6147c-1c39-4fda-bd0a-b659ac2892de.jpeg Well with the usual uproar caused by a Mattox post complete (and no, there is no secret reason Tomlin's post disappeared.....just an admin glitch), it is time to move onto other things. The NFL begins tonight, as does another week of college football. In that spirit, while everyone does their Heisman watch, we give a salute to this website which is dedicated to picking the worst regular player in Division I football. The early favorite.....Mississippi State QB Michael Henig, fresh off his 6 interception performance last week against LSU. This is a race to watch as the season progresses and is one we may even vote on later in the year. But for now, salute our SEC brethren....he is the worst of the worst.

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