Who Will Davis Dunk on Next: Team USA vs. Nigeria

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


Team USA takes on Nigeria this afternoon, and considering they're favored by over 40 points, it's safe to say that Anthony Davis is gonna get his dunk on. It was actually the Nigerians that ousted the Dominican Republic National Team form the Qualifiers last month, so you now have even more reason to root against them, aside from you know, that national pride thing. Drew Franklin is fins up at Jimmy Buffet, so in lieu of a "They Are Who We Thought They Were," I present to you "Who Will Davis Dunk on Next?": #8 Ade DAGUNDURO, guard Ade went to Nebraska for college, and now plays for the Stella Artois Leuven Bears in Belgium. If that means he gets free beer, I am jealous. #4 Anthony Oludewa SKINN, guard Tony Skinn used to play for George Mason when they made it to the Final Four back in 2006, and during the season, served a one game suspension for punching Hofstra forward Loren Stokes in the nuts, which resulted in this picture: I hope our boys are wearing cups. #9 Chamberlain OGUCHI, shooting guard "Champ" Oguchi (great name) is a Houston, Texas native who played for Oregon and Illinois State and then headed overseas to play ball. His parents are Nigerian and sadly, there are no funny pictures of him on the internet. But, he's got confidence! #6 Ike DIOGU, forward Diogu and Alade Aminu are the team's leading scorers. Since being drafted in the first round in 2005, Diogu played for at least nine NBA teams before heading overseas to play in China. He's hoping his play in the Olympics will help him get back stateside. What did I find interesting about Diogu? When you type his name into Google, "ike diogu girlfriend" pops up, along with this picture: Don't lie: you want to be like Ike. #7 Al-Farouq AMINU, forward Hey, I know this guy! He plays for the New Orleans Hornets! Aminu was the #8 pick in the 2010 NBA draft, and is Nigeria's second leading scorer. Despite his very Nigerian name, Aminu was actually born in Georgia and played at Wake Forest. Why is he playing for Nigeria? He's a descendant of Nigerian kings. Unfortunately for him, that won't stop him from getting dunked on by his fellow Hornet. UPDATE: Here's Eric Bledsoe's monster dunk from the Kentucky/Wake Forest game in 2010 (Aminu is wearing #1). Shame on me for not including it earlier. #14 Alade AMINU, center/forward Alade is Al-Farouq's older brother and along with Ike "Ladies Man" Diogu, leads the team in scoring so far with 25 points. According to the Olympics website, his hobbies are drawing and reading. He played at Georgia Tech from 2005-2009. Aside from a penchant for self-portraits on Twitter, the only embarrassing thing I could find about him is that he still has a MySpace page (screen name "Mr. Bad Boy 44"). Well, that and the Olympics website referred to him as "Adele" in the profile of his brother. The game tips off at 5:15 PM ET, and can be seen on NBC Sports Network or online. Go USA. Go Davis.

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