Who Will Start?
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Who Will Start?

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
starting.jpeg The season begins in earnest tomorrow night as Kentucky plays its first exhibition game of the Billy Clyde era against the Flying Jody Thompsons of Pikeville College. This will be the first chance for the vast majority of Kentucky fans to see how Billy Clyde's system will be in place, what the team looks like going into the year and how the players on the roster stand at this point. In that respect, tomorrow night is a big night for most Kentucky folks and one that many are looking on with great anticipation. For me, there are a number of things that I want to see. First, I am interested in seeing how Billy Clyde plans on using his "multiple teams" theory that he has talked about during the off-season. On our show, he mentioned that he likes to give players certain roles so that they can get more people on the court and more feeling like they are part of the action. I am interested to see how that works in practice. But most importantly, I am interested in seeing who will be playing the big minutes for these Cats. We have heard a number of stories this year about who has been playing during the summer and the fall on the starting teams and the legends of guys like Razor Ramon and the Coury Flurry have continued to grow. But when push comes to shove, who will play. I have been told by someone close to the team that Joe Crawford has played almost no minutes with the starting group in practice this fall. Will this continue at the beginning of the season? What about Alex Legion, will he get big minutes early? Will Mark Coury start on the low post over Perry Stevenson? What about Razor Ramon....is he the small forward that UK needs athletically. So along those lines, the question becomes....who starts against Pikeville? My guess is that it will be Bradley, Crawford, Meeks, Patterson and Stevenson. But seeing Coury, Harris or Legion in the starting lineup would not shock me in the least. What say you? Who do you think makes the starting rotation? Never has a year passed when there were so many spots that were unclear at this point (I think you can only lock Bradley and Meeks in....and Patterson is close). Tomorrow should be very interesting.....

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