Who Will Stoops Land Next?

Andrew Cassadyover 8 years


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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Come Be A Hero[/caption] What an exciting time to be a Wildcat fan! Each week it seems another player decides to up and join the ranks of Stoops Troops and push the Cats' class further and further into the top ten. It's a sight a lot of the fanbase never really thought could happen. The state just didn't turn out enough talent, Kentucky lacked the tradition, and there was too much competition for elite players. Well in just a few short months Stoops and staff have flipped all of that upside down and they haven't even played a game yet. The staff has absolutely torn up recruiting and now fans have the same question the great philosopher Bill Goldberg once shared with the masses, "Who's Next" Matt Elam If you follow Matt Elam on twitter it would seem that the big man is pretty big on the Cats. I have to saw he looked pretty awesome in that black and blue jersey from earlier today. The chances of Elam being the next player to join up are slim since he said he was going to announce at the Army All-American game but with the star on campus you just never know what could happen. I'm with 247 sports on this one, Elam becoming a Cat is simply a matter of when not if.   Blake Bone
Liking UK even more now .. – Ghost.â„¢ (@KingOfEights_8) June 10, 2013
Matt posted earlier about the elite WR being on campus and if twitter is any indication he seems to be enjoying his visit. The rumor mill was churning heading into today that the Cats could add a couple more names to the list before this camp drew to a close. We added one already with Mike Edwards perhaps Mr. Bone decides to get things going on the offensive side of the ball. Plus how awesome would it be to scream out Bone after every first down the guy gets tossed from Drew Barker. With so many guys out there on Kentucky's big board who are you most hoping is the next player to decide to come and be a hero?

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