Looking for the Most Knowledgeable Couple in UK Sports! (Today's Podcast)

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


rickpitino-johncalipari-372x250 On today's edition of Kentucky Sports Radio, Matt, Ryan and Shannon played a game called "Cal or Rick." No, not about actual basketball topics, about everyday things, such as who you would want to host your bachelor party, who you'd rather go out to dinner with, or DJ a party. The most hilarious question: who would you rather do the Kiss Cam with? Tune in to hear the caller's opinions, and what the heck calamine lotion has to do with it all. Oh yeah, the guys also previewed Drew Barker and Andrew Wiggins' decisions, and announced a new contest looking for the Most Knowledgeable Couple in UK Sports. Think it's you and your significant other? Email Shannon the Dude LISTEN TO KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO

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