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KSRCollege.com's David Jackson asks "Who would you take?" between Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb next season. Give us your responses in the comments section.     You know that dream you have where every underclassman from this year's basketball team gathers for a meeting and decides they want to come back and win 2 or 3 more titles before going pro? You know, the one you've had twice a week since the title game? I know, I've had it too. But since we all know that situation is highly unlikely, I've got a little bit more realistic situation to present. The two 'Cats that aren't projected in the lottery of this year's draft, Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb, seem to be the most likely of any of them to stay. If you could only pick  one of them to stay for another year, who are you taking?  Lamb - Doron averaged 13.7 points and 1.5 assists this season while shooting a ridiculous 46 percent from three-point land. Lamb shoots the three so well that people underestimate how deadly he is from mid-range. You could easily make a case for Lamb being the best shooter in college basketball. His 22-point effort in the championship included a few of the most clutch shots of the season. He didn't seem to be a real difference maker on the defensive end, but I rarely found myself getting frustrated because of him getting beat off the dribble or losing his man. He doesn't appear to be the most vocal leader on the floor, but I never saw him pout or cry to referees all year. Really, I never saw that stuff going on with anyone on this team (except maybe Terrence Jones in the first Indiana game, but that's neither here nor there). With Lamb you'd be getting an incredible shooter, a solid perimeter defender, and a junior with a Final Four and a National Championship under his belt for experience. Teague - Teague would have to be this team's most improved player this year. He frustrated fans with turnovers and missed lay-ups early in the season, but seemed to figure those things out while playing the toughest position on the floor in Coach Cal's offense as a freshman. He had a huge NCAA tournament and hit what I think was the biggest 3-pointer of the season in the 2nd half of the Kansas game. Teague averaged 10 points and five assists this season. Cal often referred to Teague as a "pit bull" on defense. He brought toughness and emotion on the defensive end and was unafraid to lead a championship caliber team as a freshman. I still cringe every time I watch him shoot a three, but he shot 33% from downtown, which suggests he might not be as awful a shooter as everyone makes him out to be. I can't imagine how good he could be next year with a season and a title already under his belt. I think at first glance most people would choose Lamb, but thinking about what magic Coach Cal could work with Teague running the point for another year is almost scary. Who you got, BBN?

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