WHO YA GOT?! Calipari family starts "bread war"

Maggie Davisalmost 2 years


Aritcle written by:Maggie DavisMaggie Davis


What happens when all three Calipari "kids" come home for the holidays? A bread war, apparently. It started with Megan, who posted this slow-motion video of their sister, Erin, smacking Brad with a large baguette. https://twitter.com/MeganCalipari/status/1208848263346036736 Brad couldn't let his sisters get away with this nonsense un-retaliated. The youngest Cal responded with some slow-motion videos of his own. https://twitter.com/bradcalipari/status/1208857014031593474 https://twitter.com/bradcalipari/status/1208857964054040576 And of course, the best reply goes to... Choose your fighter: Erin, Megan or Brad?

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