Why Ashton Hagans can't stop smiling

Why Ashton Hagans can't stop smiling

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 3 years


Since coming to Kentucky this summer, Ashton Hagans says he hasn’t been able to stop smiling. Why? Surrounded by elite players, Hagans says he’s finally able to focus on what he loves the most: defense.

“I’m real comfortable,” Hagans said. “Since I’ve been here, I really haven’t been able to stop smiling because when we have practice, I feel like my game is getting a lot better because I’m getting more comfortable.”

“In high school, I was the man on my team, so I had to worry about, ‘Are we going to play [well] tonight? What’s going to happen tonight?’ Now, I can — I don’t want to say relax — but just play my game more. Play defense way more than I was in high school. Not laid back, be more aggressive and show everybody what I’ve got. That’s really all I’m looking for this season is leaving it all on the court.”

Other programs try to recruit against Kentucky by telling players they won’t be “the man” in Lexington; Hagans’ comments show that’s actually one of the program’s biggest draws.


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