Why did the 2015 team start texting Calipari nonstop last week?

Why did the 2015 team start texting Calipari nonstop last week?

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Earlier today, Bruce Pearl said this Kentucky team reminds him of the 2015 team that went 38-1, a comparison has been made a few times this preseason. Last week, John Calipari said something similar, which apparently got him in trouble with the 2015 team, which started texting him nonstop after they heard it. "Because I made a statement, this could be one of the best groups, all those guys have already hit me, like, 'So this may be your best group? That was the comment?' Trey [Lyles] hit me, Karl [Towns] hit me, Devin [Booker], they all hit me, Tyler [Ulis]. 'Really, this may be your best group?' That group had some alpha dogs on it. They were alpha dogs. And the other thing? They all shared. They were more into winning and each other." After a classic Calipari aside about his message to a recruit's mother in Indiana (cough, Romeo Langford), Cal finally circled back to what he told the 2015 team in response. "My response to the players was, 'They're good, but we have to see if they're alpha dogs like you.' And then they went, 'thank you.'" Cal said that competitiveness is common between his squads, particularly the 2012 and 2010 teams. "And then there's arguments between the teams. The 2012 team says, 'All you dudes can say all that you want, we're the only ones to win a national title, enough said, bye.' That's them. And then 2010, 'Well, we had one bad shooting day, we would have won it.' Well, you didn't. You had one bad shooting day. It's in fun, but not really. They're challenged by each other." We're truly living in the golden days, friends.

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