Why Kentucky Can't Score in the 3rd Quarter

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Kentucky has played four games this season. While a 1-3 record at this point isn’t necessarily surprising, it is naturally disappointing. There have been bright spots. Glimmers of hope for the future. It is safe to say the program is headed in the right direction. However, one of the ugliest bruises on the faces of the Wildcats so far this season is the third quarter. UK has scored a total of 87 points in 2013. Not a single one of those points has been recorded in the third quarter of play. Why you ask? Well there are a multitude of possibilities why…

-The lack of a single quarterback system doesn’t allow either Whitlow or Smith to find a rhythm, and by the time the defense has adjusted to Kentucky’s play calling, neither player is ready to come out of halftime capable to lead a scoring drive.

-The talent disparity between Kentucky and virtually any other team they are playing finally shines true right after halftime, therefore hindering Kentucky’s ability to score or move the ball.

-After the pregame hype, Kentucky’s momentum and energy wears off in the locker room after not finding themselves in the lead, and the team comes out flat into the third quarter.

Kentucky has simply forgotten how to win. The 3rd quarter is the time for a team to make a statement for the ending of the game. It is when most teams get into gear and prove their merit. Kentucky’s recent lack of successes has hurt them and put them into a mental state of non-belief that carries into the most important part of the game.

-Kentucky’s lack of a running game gives the ball back quickly to the other team, leading to long scoring drives for the opposition and Kentucky without any rhythm or flow on offense. When the leading rusher for your team is the place kicker….something’s not right.

If you ask me, I think the true answer is a combination of all of these things. There is no consistency within the UK offense with a dual quarterback system. The team has no belief it can truly win games against the SEC or other BCS schools. It’s going to take a gut check if Kentucky wants to jump over these hurdles and finally get the failure monkey of their back. It all starts in the third quarter.


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