Will a starter emerge in tomorrow's scrimmage?

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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One of Kentucky's four quarterbacks will have a chance to separate himself from the pack when UK football holds its first scrimmage tomorrow. Joker Phillips said after Friday's practice that he hopes one guy can prove himself enough so he and his staff don't have to drag the competition along through camp. "In a perfect world, I'd like for it to be over with after tomorrow," he said. "I'm not sure that will happen but I'd love to see a guy separate himself enough. The thing is, if you don't separate yourself enough, that we feel comfortable with, we gotta go another week. But I would love to see one guy come out here and take charge, take control, and separate himself from the pack enough that we can say, 'Hey this is our starter.'" Unless Towles or Whitlow goes out and does something amazing tomorrow, it appears the battle for the starting quarterback job is between Max Smith and Morgan Newton, while the two freshmen compete for the No. 3 spot. We'll have a better idea of who will be under center against Louisville after tomorrow's first of two preseason scrimmages. Go Cats.  

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