Will Ferrell's Monday News and Views

Will Ferrell's Monday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
willf.bmp As I spend my days and nights looking over the law of Commercial Paper (the best kind of paper if you ask me), I look for laughs anywhere I can get them. There were very few laughs to be found at the Espys (except mocking LeBron James....nice appearance by Mrs. Judd I must add) but I got a smile when I saw that Will Ferrell turns 40 today. Now I must admit that for most of my life I have seen 40 as being old. Just say it.....40.....it seems old. But sometimes I realize that I am less than 12 years from that age (wow) and that one of the two or three funniest people in the world in my view, just hit it today. Will Ferrell is the best....period. While I have never seen him do standup, when it comes to playing a character, he is as good as it gets. Whether its Harry Carey, Neil Diamond, George W Bush, Blue Oyster Cult or "The Old Prospector" (extra points if you know that one), no one makes me laugh like Will. At the bottom of the post you will find some of my favorite Will moments. Enjoy them on a Monday morning....... Now to the news..... (1) Rivals.com reports tonight that Andre Clark has committed to Oklahoma, once again showcasing that Jeff Capel is able to recruit a bit. Clark is part of the Class of 2007 and is one of two outstanding offers that UK has for this current year. The other is your man and mine Leonard Washington (who dont get naked for no man). All reports are that Leonard will decide by the end of the month where he is headed, with the two most likely destinations UK and Ole Miss. I have learned that when Leonard and his crew speak......well it could mean anything. Leonard has a posse of handlers and is trying to get the academics in order before he makes his decision. I have always gotten the suspicion that Leonard favors UK and that seems to be borne out by his visits and his public comments. But I think there is a lot to be skeptical about on this recruitment and a lot of baggage that needs to be considered. Leonard is a talent and can help UK.....and if the Cats get him, I trust Billy Clyde to make it work. But I wont be crying if he becomes a Rebel either. (2) Folks really need to keep their eye on Sylvan Landesberg, a name you havent read a lot about on this blog, but one that could be a key part of UK's future. Landesberg is a shooting guard from Flushing, NY who can light it up. He is 6'6" with the long arms that go so well on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. He is a guy who plays well but also oozes potential as seen by the fact that he is the #4 ranked SG by Scout and ranked higher than Scotty Hopson, Darius Miller and Bud Mackey. But not all agree.....Rivals has him a bit lower and below the above trio. My thoughts on Landesberg are that IF he develops a bit more scoring, watch out.....I mean watch out. He has the potential to be great. UK has a lot of options at that position.....and I think they are looking at Clarke and one other.....lots want Miller or Hopson.....but it may be the case that a man named Sylvan could come in and take the Kentucky boys' spot. UVA, Ga Tech, St Johns and Texas are the other big hitters. (3) Chris Singleton and Tyler Zeller represent the two big gets for UK in the forward/center realm. Singleton is a great player but not quite as important for UK as Zeller, as the Cats severely lack a big time body who can man the post. However both seem to suggest that this wont be a quick process for either. Singelton said this week that he is "opening everything up" which is good news for UK (as we talked about last week) and bad for UT, who was close to a commitment. Zeller is planning the end of fall for a decision and is in no rush....because everyone wants him. We should have Tyler on the Mob this week and he will update us some more on where he stands. (4) Willie Warren is slightly out there.....but I do like him. I have no idea where he will go at this point (it could be Transy for all we know), but I am telling you, he is entertaining. He went for 45 and 32 at the Peach Jam this weekend....yes he needs some attitude adjustment.....but man he is good. Rotnei Clarke had 32 as well....he can still ball. (5) Joker Phillips on the Mob this week.....football coverage is about to ramp up here. Rob will have daily UK coverage, Duncan Cavanah will preview each UK position and I will breakdown the SEC and other conferences will Phil Steele as my guide. Football, football, football! Ferrell videos below.....time for some Wills and Trusts. More tomorrow......

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