Will John Calipari reach out to Jalen Rose again?

Will John Calipari reach out to Jalen Rose again?

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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Before the hiring of Barry "Slice" Rohrssen, who left for St. John's over the weekend, John Calipari spoke to Jalen Rose about filling the assistant coaching vacancy left behind by Orlando Antigua last spring. Of course, Rose turned down the job, choosing to stay in broadcasting with Grantland and ESPN's NBA coverage instead. However, Rose admitted his love for John Calipari in a Jalen & Jacoby podcast with David Jacoby and Bill Simmons, months after the rumor Rose talked to Cal about a job at UK. "I love Coach Cal," the former member of the Fab Five said on a September podcast. "Kentucky has a terrific program. I'm not going to leave my current opportunity for that job." "It was talked about," he confessed. Simmons told Rose it would devastate him he left Grantland to join Calipari's staff. "I would've never let you do it," Simmons told him. "I would've thrown my body in front of it. I would've cried." But if Rose were to take the job, Simmons said the Grantland staff will move into a three-bedroom apartment in Lexington and Kentucky will be his new favorite team. Listen below around the 26:00 mark. Tony Barbee is the presumed frontrunner to take Slice's spot on the bench, but will/should John Calipari place one more call to Jalen Rose?

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