Will Levis’ Positive Spin on Kentucky’s Turnovers

Will Levis’ Positive Spin on Kentucky’s Turnovers

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Photo of Will Levis by UK Athletics

Everyone hates turnovers, but not everyone can see the silver lining. Fortunately for ‘Cats fans, quarterback Will Levis is one of the few who can.

Kentucky had three turnovers in their hard-fought 16-10 victory over South Carolina on Saturday night. Despite the unacceptable number of turnovers, Kentucky left Williams-Brice Stadium with a win, and to Levis, that means something.

Levis’ thoughts on the turnovers

When asked about Kentucky’s increasingly alarming issue with turnovers, Levis responded with an answer that could calm down even the most panicked fan.

We’re 4-0 and we probably have the most turnovers in the country. Someone can go check to see if there’s a stat out there, if that’s ever happened,” Levis said. “It’s obviously something we have to get fixed but if we can still go out and win games like that it goes to show how much potential we have left with this team.”

Levis wasn’t far off with his estimation. Kentucky currently has the second-worst turnover margin in the country: minus-9. Yet, if there’s one figure that’s more important than Kentucky’s horrendous turnover margin, it’s the ‘Cats impeccable 4-0 record.

In fact, statistically speaking, it’s essentially a miracle Kentucky came out on top of last night’s contest. Don’t believe me? Check out this stat.

So, how worried should BBN really be?

Looking to the future

Things are only getting harder for Levis and the ‘Cats moving forward. With Florida imposingly sitting on the horizon, Kentucky will have to find a solution for their problem sooner rather than later. However, Kentucky isn’t the only team in next week’s matchup struggling with hanging onto the ball.

Like Kentucky, Florida is sitting on the wrong side of the fence when discussing turnover margin. The Gators currently have a -3 turnover margin, despite being one of the top teams in the country.

This seemingly odd similarity between the two teams leaves BBN with two questions and two obvious answers. Can you still win even if you turn the ball over? Technically, yes. Would you win in a much more convincing fashion if you fixed this issue? ABSOLUTELY, YES.

While Levis doesn’t view the team’s turnovers as an apocalyptic scenario like some fans, he does realize the ‘Cats will be much better when picks and fumbles don’t plague them.

“Like I said, it obviously sucks looking at the turnovers but it’s encouraging to see that we’re still able to win games like that despite turning the ball as much as we did,” Levis said. “Once we clean things up, games are going to become a lot better for us and I think we’re going to become a much better team and show people what our true potential is.”

Final Thoughts

The ‘Cats won’t have long to find the seemingly elusive answer to their turnover problem. With Kentucky’s biggest home game of the season thus far only six days away, the pressure is on. Here’s to hoping that pressure makes diamonds.

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