Will Madison Square Garden be an annual destination?

Thomas Beisneralmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
cats-fans-msg As Alan Cutler so proudly announced at Kentucky media day a few weeks ago, the Kentucky basketball team has turned into the great Barnum and Bailey circus, taking their high-flying show all over the world, wowing fans and media types. They've shown their stuff in Louisville, Bloomington and Mexico already, but it seems that New York might have been where they left their biggest mark. It's also where Cal might schedule an annual game. Here's an excerpt from his pre-game interview with the great Tom Leach.
"We owned the building--which was incredible, playing UConn. The Garden people grabbed me right after and said 'let's move a home game up here'. That would be something I'd have an interest in. That's what Duke does, every year or every other year. They try to play in the Garden and make it their building and they do."
For the Cats, the reward in terms of national branding and strengthening the northeastern recruiting footing would be astronomically high - especially if they sign another high-profile team for the series.  Could they get Duke to go for an annual game?  Or what about even UConn or Syracuse or another big-name Big East team with a strong northeast recruiting pipeline?  Or what about a west coast team like UCLA?  The potential for this is through the roof.   Overall, another (potential) great move by Cal.

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