Will Moses Come to part the Blue Sea?

Will Moses Come to part the Blue Sea?

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If you are ever on the internet (and it seems some of you are at this point), then you will have likely seen in the last few days, some frustration over the recruitment of Marshall Moses. Many people (including those on this blog) have become extremely disappointed with how this recruitment has proceeded and the way that the Moses saga has not been locked up some time ago. Thus knowing this confusion was out there, we decided to go to the source and just had this conversation with Marshall:

Kentucky Sports Radio: Marshall, you went this past weekend to Oklahoma State. How was the visit and your time in Stillwater?

Marshall Moses: I had a great time down there, just the whole environment was amazing and getting to meet all the players and coaches was great. You know it was my first experience on a college campus in a visit setting, so it may have just been normal, but to me seeing all the excitement and the University was just a great experience.

Kentucky Sports Radio: In an article written after your visit, you were quoted as saying that you almost committed on the trip. Was that a possibility?

Marshall Moses: You know it was hard not to think about that. I mean when I was down there, I was having such a good time, that I really thought about it. But then I thought that would be stupid, because I havent been to any other schools and it may just be that all the things I saw there are in other places too. But yeah, I thought about it. The coaches didnt push me on it though, so that was good.

Are you planning on coming to Kentucky for a visit?

Marshall Moses: Yeah, I am coming to Kentucky this Saturday after I take a test. I am looking forward to seeing Kentucky and what all it has to offer. I am going to the Tennessee game on Sunday and will then be there until Monday night.

Kentucky Sports Radio: What are you looking for when you come to Kentucky?

Marshall Moses: Oh, I am looking for a lot of things. Obviously I want to see the game and see what Rupp Arena is like. I want to see what the crowd there does and how the fans are. But I also want to see a lot about the University. You know the best part of Oklahoma State was when they introduced me to the athletic department people and the academic support staff. See that stuff is really important to me and when I met those people, they seemed to really care about me like I would be family. Academics are really important to me in college and I want to see what Kentucky has in place there and what the people are like. People are really important to me.

Kentucky Sports Radio: Are you taking any other visits?

Marshall Moses: I am supposed to go to Kansas State the next weekend, but I dont know if I will go or not. It sort of depends.

Kentucky Sports Radio: When do you plan on making a decision?

Marshall Moses: Probably next week. I am ready to go ahead and decide soon.

Kentucky Sports Radio: You have said on our show in the past that Kentucky was your leader. Is that still the case now?

Marshall Moses Thats hard to say. You know I had a great visit at Oklahoma State. It was a great place to be and I feel like I fit in with the players, coaches and school as a whole. But I have always liked Kentucky too. The thing is, I just ended up going to Oklahoma State first. Thats why I also want to go to Kentucky and compare. So its hard to say anything about a leader or not. I will just go to Kentucky and then make my decision after that.

There you go. Lots of interesting comments in there from one of the best pure athletes that UK has recruited in a long, long time.

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