Will They Won't They With Darnell Dodson

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While Louisville is dealing with the court case that won’t die (and yes, I’m too classy to make a Karen Sypher joke there,) Kentucky has had it’s own recurring story this summer.  The saga of Darnell Dodson.  First he was returning, then he wasn’t going to be with the team, then a coach said he would, then UK said he’s either leaving or not playing this year.  At that point, everyone assumed the former Miami Dade star would be packing his bags, but now Jorts – fresh off his Canadian domination – mentions “Darnell’s coming back.”

What all that means at this point is still pretty unclear, but the good Doctor Tipton checked in with Cal and his position seems firm.  “Dodson may be back.  But he won’t be playing.” Jer-bear also mentioned that Cal hadn’t talked to Dodson recently about his decision.  Could Jorts be picking up a job as team mediator?

Either way, we likely won’t know Dodson’s plans for a while.

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