Willie Cauley-Stein Answers Fan Questions on Reddit

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[caption id="attachment_265752" align="aligncenter" width="500"] (Photo via Twitter.com/yazoomotif)[/caption] Ever wondered what Willie Cauley-Stein's favorite video game is? Or his thoughts on the forever-debated pineapple on pizza ordeal? Or even his favorite pre-game meal? (it's corndogs) Well, a few of those questions have actually been answered. A few days ago, the Golden State Warriors newly-added center hosted an "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit and he did not disappoint. Here are some of the highlights from the question-and-answer session. He talked plenty of basketball but allowed for even more random questions that gave a little peek into the life of WCS.

Cauley-Stein said he doesn't plan on wearing his signature 00 number on his jersey this season (which he revealed was an homage to the classic video game on N64, Goldeneye 007), rather he'll switch to No. 2, which is a reference to peace. He's also rocking a mustache right now, but didn't explicitly state if he would keep it into the season. If we know one thing about WCS, it's that he loves to change his look. In regards to that, one question in the AMA stood out to me, particularly. A Redditor asked Cauley-Stein how he deals with creative block when he's working with art. His answer was something I don't typically hear in response to this question. "When you hit a creative block, you gotta change what you’re doing," Cauley-Stein wrote on Reddit. "Change your hair, change your clothes, something. Get a different look." Changing a routine or system is usually how I deal with creative block. I know several others who treat it in similar ways. But changing my actual physical appearance and/or look never occurred to me before. I can understand how it would get him thinking outside of the box - how it would get him to truly open his mind without having to directly relate to whatever is giving him the creative block in the first place. From my perspective, it's like dealing with the creative block without even knowing you're doing it. Now my mind is running through all of the instances where Cauley-Stein changed his style in the middle of the season or during the summer when he was in Lexington. What type of block was he trying to overcome then? It was an interesting perspective to hear and one that got the ole brain thinking. Can we get an AMA for every former Kentucky player, please? If you want to check out the entirety of Cauley-Stein's AMA, click the link here.

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