Willie Warren Speaks......so you know its good.

Willie Warren Speaks......so you know its good.

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willie2.jpeg I just got off the phone with our man Willie Warren, which is always entertaining and refreshing. Often times with high school kids, it is tough to get them to talk and open up. Not Willie. He answered a few of my questions and spoke about the status of his recruitment. Here are the highlights: At this point in your recruitment, have you narrowed your list of schools down or figured out where you are going to visit? I am not sure where I am going to visit, but I have narrowed the list down to 8. In order they are: Oklahoma Texas Kansas Louisville Cincy Kentucky Marquette Arizona When you say in order, is that your order of favorites? Right now it is. But you never know if it will change. A few weeks ago it was reported you were committed to Baylor, yet now I dont see them on the list. What happened? You know that whole think was just complicated. It is a huge misunderstanding thats all it is. Do you plan on visiting the local schools, Kentucky or Louisville? Yeah I am going to stop by both of them on my way to moving to Oak Hill. I love Kentucky basketball and I cant wait to see both places. Why do you like the two schools? Well for both of them, it is just style of play. You know for Louisville, its all Coach Pitino. He has a lot of connections and has been at the next level and won a national championship. For Kentucky, I like Coach Gillispie and what he did with Acie Law. I like his playing style and the players he brought in and all that. Plus, its Kentucky and the fans and all that are great. What do you think of the commitment of DeAndre Liggins and the other players UK has brought in? Do they make you concerned at all about coming to UK? No, not all. I am not worried about anyone coming in. I think I can play over anybody. I really like the guys they got last year and I know I will be able to play no matter who they get. Whats the status of you and Rotnei Clarke looking at similar schools? You know, we each are gonna make the best decision we can. If we end up at the same school, that would be great. When do you plan to make your final choice? Man I dont know. I am going to cut it to five first, but I dont know when that will happen. Hopefully it wont take me as long as it took me to cut it to eight. Willie is going to join the Mob in early August for a radio interview. You DONT want to miss that.....

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