Windsor Losses

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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I try to refrain from giving fashion advice to anyone, but after studying Calipari's game-by-game attire this season, I think it's time to speak up. Lose the tie, Cal.  Let those Italian locks of chest love breathe.   The game results support the casual look: [Blue: No tie] Kentucky is 5-1 this season when Calipari leaves the tie at home; 12-7 when he gets all knotted up.  He debuted the tie-less look against LSU, which sparked a five-game conference win streak with consecutive road wins over 16th-ranked Ole Miss and at Texas A&M. UK's only loss with Cal's top button unfastened came on the road at No. 7 Florida, the best team in the SEC. He brought the tie back out, after almost an entire month on the rack, against Tennessee on Saturday. We all know how that worked out.   No more ties, Coach.   One Undone.

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