Winston Guy making a name for himself in Seattle

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Finding success in the NFL isn't the easiest gig in the world. And when a former Wildcat does it, we salute him. Our new Wildcat rookies each have a chance to shine this season, but they first have to prove their worth to their coaching staff before getting a chance in the spotlight. Turns out that Winston Guy is getting some love from his Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll. Check out the article, which includes the former Trojan-man's quotes below:
"I’ve really liked this guy," Carroll said. "He’s a very natural football player. In his days at Kentucky, they moved him around quite a bit, and we were able to see him do things like what we do in this package. It was the Lawyer Milloy spot, a guy we used because of years of savvy and understanding. There are so many things that a guy has to deal with that he almost has to have a real natural sense, because you can’t coach everything because of all the floating and moving around that he’s asked to do. Well Winston gets it; he just gets it. He’s a hitter, he plays the ball well, he’s really fast, he’s 216 pounds, big kid. He’s got a real knack for rushing the passer, he looks like a pass rusher when he’s coming. So he’s really been a pleasant surprise. We had hoped that he would be able to do these things, and he’s on that package." Carroll went on to say that Guy will see a lot of playing time Thursday night, as will many of the young players, then added that Guy will likely have a prominent role in the defense on passing downs. "He’ll get a lot of work at safety this week," Carroll said. "I think it’s a fantastic draft pick for us. He’s in the starting group in Game 1, maybe the first third down of the season, so that’s an amazing accomplishment for him. He’s got all of the right stuff, but he’s still a pup, so we have to deal with that, but we really have liked everything that he’s brought."
Making the Opening Day roster would be huge for Guy. He showed flashes of greatness while wearing the blue and white, and now he has a chance to be an unsuspecting pro starter, a la Stevie Johnson, if he plays his cards right. The more NFL success former Cats see, the easier things become on the recruiting trail for Joker and Co. 6 hours until the annual KSR Player Haters Ball. Go Cats.

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