With a baby on the way, Terry Wilson says he has "[a] lot to think about"

With a baby on the way, Terry Wilson says he has "[a] lot to think about"

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[caption id="attachment_308426" align="alignnone" width="1200"] @UKFootball[/caption] As sports quickly return to our television screens, along with others slowly inching closer, athletes have decided to opt out of their respective seasons and restarts due to the uncertainty and health concerns that come with the coronavirus pandemic. Some have opted out due to personal concerns and/or health issues, while others have done so with other family members and loved ones in mind. While no one associated with UK Athletics has decided to sit out when sports return this fall, one has made it clear he at least has something to think about. With his girlfriend expecting their child later this month, Kentucky quarterback Terry Wilson is excited to become a father, but knows there are challenges that lie ahead for him on various levels. "Yeah, [we're having] a little baby girl. She's due in a couple weeks, two or three weeks, so we're getting into crunch time. I'm excited," Wilson told Paul Finebaum of the SEC Network in a recent interview. "I know it's going to be a lot to get used to at first, but I'm ready to learn and just grow as a father. I'm excited. I really can't wait." One of those challenges comes with his presence on the football field in the middle of a pandemic with a newborn baby at home. While the team is excited about the upcoming season set to begin September 26, Wilson says he wants to "prevent anything bad from happening" and understands how serious of a commitment it would be to play this season. “We’re all adjusting, but we’re really hungry for this season. It’s like, why would this have to happen right now? This is the season we’ve all been wanting, everybody’s back and we’re ready to go," Wilson told Finebaum. "But thinking about how dangerous it is with this coronavirus, me bringing a new child into this world and how scary that is, it’s always on your mind. You don't know what to expect. "It's definitely something to keep on the front of my brain because it's serious. It's a very serious matter and you don't want anything to happen. You want to prevent anything bad from happening, so it's something to think about and always keep it on my mental." This afternoon, Wilson added fuel to the fire, writing on his Twitter page that he had a "lot to think about." https://twitter.com/TerryTouchdown3/status/1290348858501996545?s=20 Despite the uncertainty individually, Wilson did acknowledge how "normal" things felt around the Kentucky football facilities and how bad the players want to play this season. “You would be surprised on how it feels like everything is normal,” Wilson told Finebaum. “Everything — the workouts, lifting weights, the running, doing 7-on-7 — everything feels natural. Everything feels uptempo. It’s our first time being able to do 7-on-7 and those type of things, running over our routes and doing routes on air; it’s been awhile and we’re full go now. "Everybody’s just pumped up. You look at the defense and they’re pumped up, they’re communicating. You look at the offense and we’re communicating, we’re pumped up, we’re getting lined up and we’re just working hard. You can tell that the guys are ready just for any news, anything. But we all want to play this season and that’s just what we’re looking forward to.” Will Wilson move forward as planned with the football season? Or will the birth of his child lead him to reconsider?

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