With No Info on His Decision, Might as Well Take a Wiggins Poll

Corey Nicholsover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
World Select Team v USA Junior Select Team We have a little over 24 hours until Andrew Wiggins makes his announcement, and no real information regarding his current leanings or dispositions.  The best lead we have is a possible subtweet by his high school teammate that is just as easily, and much more likely, a generic claim that wrapping up your senior year of high school is fun. So, in times like these, I suppose it's up to BBN to do something that we do best: destroy an online poll.  ZagsBlog currently has a tally of where fans think Wiggins will go, and it's currently a close race between UK and UNC, with FSU third. WigginsPoll The poll is ultimately meaningless, but then again, so is everything else until 12:15 tomorrow.  Your job, your family, that thing you needed to pick up from the grocery store; nothing really has any consequence until Wiggins makes his choice tomorrow.  So until then, we might as well do what we know. Go Wiggins.  Go Cats.

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