Without WKU, Would Joker's Seat be this Hot?

Nick Roushalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


After Saturday's surprise against the #6 team in the country, I think it's time that we actually quit our fretting and attempt to look objectively on how the football season has gone thus far. 1-4 doesn't look good for Joker, and winning more than 4 games seems nearly impossible. On the macro level we sound terrible, but if you break down things on a micro level it really isn't too bad.   - UK was beating #6 South Carolina at half with a true freshman getting his first real action. Kentucky has not rushed the ball well all year, but put up 120 rushing yards against the nation's 8th ranked run defense. The Cats were the first team to score a rushing TD against South Carolina all year. At UK you have to believe in moral victories, and this is one of them. If you told me at the beginning of the year that we'd be leading by 10 at half against the #6 team in the country with Whitlow at QB, I'd be happy. - Max Smith was at one point the SEC's leading passer. I don't care who is coaching, but when you're most important and arguably best player isn't in the lineup, it's hard to win. It's even harder when you're playing South Carolina and Florida. Winning in the Swamp could have been in the realm of possibilities had Smith been able to play. Now Joker's tenure all depends on two true freshman QBs. - The Cats have the 4th youngest team in Division I. That's something to consider. - We lost to WKU. Yes we did not deserve to win that game at all, but they did have a game-tying TD in the final minute. Max Smith did throw 3 interceptions in the first quarter and a half. The game was also ended by a trick play on a two-point conversion in overtime. If that trick play didn't work, would we be this mad at Joker? - Rick Minter's defense looked like something in the toilet at the beginning of the year and the coaches harped on needing time for young players to get comfortable on the field. It looks like that they were right for a change, holding Florida to only 3 points in the 1st quarter and keeping South Carolina to only 7 points in a half. Two of the best rushing teams in the SEC were slowed down by the Cats, after WKU and Kent State ran the ball where ever they wanted to. Minter's defense is starting to work, and improvement is happening slowly but surely. - The most embarrassing part of the season so far through September for me has been attendance at home games. I can handle losing, but I can't handle seeing the stands this empty at Commonwealth. The team has shown us that their is a light at the end of the tunnel, but when nobody is there to watch them it makes things seem much worse than what they are.   This is what makes me most upset about this situation: When somebody tries to support Joker, an easy rebuttal is, "WE LOST TO WKU, YOU CAN'T LOSE TO WKU!" If that loss wasn't there, it becomes much more difficult to argue against Joker. If only Antonio Andrews' throwback failed.

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