Wonder where Alice Lloyd will have to stay?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
lucky_clover_motel_1.jpeg Many of us of a certain political persuasion would like to see an era where the world is much more egalitarian....with equality reigning and the world united in blissful harmony, holding hands and buying each other a coke (all the while singing a Jewel song.....preferably "Who Will Save Your Soul"). But we realize that cant always happen. Life is like Hobbes said, nasty, brutish and short. The strong take out the weak and advantages are given to the powerful. Apparently nowhere is this more true than in the NCAA. The Washington Post today reported that the NCAA distributes hotel rooms at its NCAA tournament sights based on seeding. Fair enough you say......but in small towns where hotels are not plentiful, this leads to the powers staying in five star establishments, while the weak stay in roach motels. This made me think.....as we know, the NCAA had a regional in Lexington this past weekend. What hotels in Lexington do you believe should host the various teams? Does Florida or Kansas deserve Griffin Gate? And more importantly, where should Central Connecticut State stay.....Springs Inn maybe? You folks know Lexington.....place the NCAA teams in the correct hotels.....maybe then everybody's favorite private state actor in charge of associating large numbers of public universities will put you on staff.....

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