Worst Final Four Ever?

Worst Final Four Ever?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I dont know about you, but watching the games tonight, it occurred to me that this may be the worst NCAA Tournament ever. When you look back at this tournament, what will you remember? Maybe the Duke-VCU finish.....the Ohio State three against Xavier, the decently played UNC-Georgetown game? It really seems like the NCAA Committee did such a good job that we havent had any true amazing upsets and the favorites tend to win the games with ease. And even if the tournament as a whole hasnt been bad, the games tonight were just AWFUL! Neither game was really close and the stupid college basketball 5 foul rule made both games unwatchable. We want to see Oden v. Hibbert.....not Oden v. Hibbert on the bench with foul trouble. The same thing happened to Affalo in the Florida game, as the referees whistle caused the first half to be akin to a November preseason NIT game. What we have left is a Florida team going for its second straight title versus an Ohio State team that should have lost in the second round. I simply dont care. But who will win.....well the head says Florida.....they are vastly superior, have been rolling throughout the tournament (like last year missing the best teams in the Big Dance (no Kansas or UNC) and are on a mission. However the last two teams to go for a repeat title were both from the SEC, both went into the game as a favorite and both were upset. Plus this is a repeat of the football title game (thus shattering the former barrier of one program schools), and in that game the supposed inferior team won.....maybe this game will make up for it. Either way, two more days before we can get close to finding an end to the coaching search.....

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