Would Karl-Anthony Towns Tank to go to the Lakers?

Would Karl-Anthony Towns Tank to go to the Lakers?

Bobby Reaganover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
towns On SVP and Russilo today they brought up an interesting topic asking would Karl-Anthony Towns tank during the pre-draft workouts to 'fall' to No. 2 and the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, they aren't saying Towns has the personality for this, but rather used him as an example due to the mindset that he's the unanimous No. 1 pick this year. The simple answer is this makes a ton of sense as a player. If teams have the right to tank to try and get the most ping-pong balls why can't players tank to fall a spot or two to go to a better destination? The thought process on SVP and Russilo was if you want the lights of L.A., the ability to play with Kobe for at least a year or just want to be more marketable would you pass on going to Minnesota? Now, in this specific case, there's not a chance Towns would do that. His personality allows him to be marketable from anywhere in the country as well as being too competitive to let himself not play well. What do you guys think though? Should a player be frowned upon to tank to fall to the team of his choosing?

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