Wrapping Up a Day of Hate and Friday Notes

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garter2 Its been a tremendous day here on KSR and potentially the highest quality of posts in one 24 hour session in history. I honestly believe that every single writer that posted put together a great effort and a couple of the posts are KSR Hall of Famers. Drew Franklin's Facebook post has already been linked by national blogs and overall, we produced an unprecedented day of Louisville Hate. The reaction of course from our friends in Red was general anger. Lots of angry twitter messages comments, message board rants, etc. The reality is however that there is very little to get upset about. This wasnt some drunk UK fan getting angry and threatening to punch a Card fan in the mouth. They were very clever posts by some very intelligent writers, while the Cards have very little to say in return. Of course the Cats need to back up all of this excitement by actually winning on Saturday, but we are confident that will happen. In order to start the day before the game with positivity and not negative vibes, the picture above is of a UK bride. Like her wonderful wedding, tomorrow is a new beginning for UK football and it will get off to a positive start. Some notes for Friday: --- We spoke today on the radio with JC Pearson, who is calling the game for ABC Sports and he talked about talking with Joker Phillips earlier in the week about his team. Joker told Pearson that the most important thing he has done since taking over is instilling a sense of physicality into the UK program. Joker told Pearson that most of what was done in the Spring and a lot of the Fall was about making the team physical and his goal was to have the football team that hit the hardest and took hits the best in the SEC. Pearson believes that will be the most striking difference to UK fans during the game on Saturday...a team that will knock the other team's helmet off and play with physicality from the opening whistle. --- There was some bad news today as Kentucky lost one of their best recruits for football, Clint Tucker of East St Louis, Illinois. Tucker was a player that UK dearly coveted, but there was some worry that if his home state school came through with an offer, he might stay closer to his hometown. That happened and now he will be going to Illinois. While the loss on the field is bad, there may have even been a bigger loss in the world of comedy as Beisner found his MySpace Profile Name and well lets just say that he would have surpassed Morakinyo "Big Black Member" Williams as the Kentucky player with the oddest social networking name in history. --- When not slobbering all over himself, Lou Holtz picked his upset of the week in college football as Kentucky losing to Louisville. He made a big deal about how both Charlie Strong and Joker Phillips had coached for him and he said that Strong would win the first game in Louisville. It is odd how Holtz seems to always pick against the Cats and generally be a negative nancy towards them. Maybe it was from his time in South Carolina or maybe his speech coach had roots in Lexington, but he seems to be anti-Blue very often. Either way, Randall Cobb tweeted out later in the night "Aight Lou"...which says to me that the attention was duly noted. --- It was announced today that Kentucky WR Chris Matthews will change numbers for the game in honor of WR Gene McCaskill and wear his number against the Cards. McCaskill of course was injured and is out for the year and Matthews is very close to him. A very nice gesture in remembering him as the season takes off. --- For basketball, today was Picture Day at the Craft Center which KSR did not attend because we dont have cameras (and we know the Herald Leader will take good pictures for us anyway...just kidding). Most of the pictures showed a jovial group that liked to make silly faces and do odd poses. I went last year and there was some of that, but this group seems a little more loose in their approach (outside of Brandon Knight) than last year. Cousins was a most playful guy, but the other members of the team were usually rather serious in their approach with the media. This group likes to joke around a lot (led by Stacey Poole) and it will be interesting to see if that continues all season. --- John Calipari was on the Mike and Mike Show this morning and continuing with my theme that I listen to know sports radio except Tony Kornheiser and our stuff, I didnt hear it. Plus I hate both Mike and Mike and cant imagine more torture than having to follow them for four hours a day. But you may like them and we certainly like Calipari so if you want to listen, you can do so at this link. --- We had people hating on Louisville from all over the place today, including former UK players. Everyone's favorite Card Killer Demarcus Cousins sent out this tweet today: boogiecousins Gave the dirty cards 18 and 18 and a win #andthenihitmydougie #Louisvillehateday Of course he was referring to his 18 points and 18 rebounds performance, and doing a hash tag for Louisville Hate Day, which we do appreciate. Between Cousins, Patterson, Tayshaun and Magloire, I have a lot of guys in the NBA to pull for. We want the other guys to do well too, but those are four of my favorite to ever wear the uniform and all are KSR readers. Next year, they all will be in the league at the same time, so Kings, Rockets, Pistons and Heat jerseys will hang in the compound...even though I am probably the only person who will order "Magloire" on my Heat gear. I will be leaving after the radio show this morning to go to Middlesboro for the John Calipari book event. I am excited to see the Coach in my hometown and cant wait to go and be part of what is a big deal down there. If you are around here, please remember to tune in to my first UK postgame show this Saturday after the Louisville game on WHAS 840 AM. It will be by far my biggest audience ever on the radio and I hope KSR folks will listen (we will have a live stream link here on the site if you live outside the listening area) and call in. For the first time, I am quite nervous about it, but also very excited. If you havent yet, check out the radio show podcasts below. They go up about 20 minutes after the 10 am -noon show on 1080 AM and by Monday, you can subscribe on iTunes. The Widget below has all the shows from the past two weeks. More all day as we get ready to rock the Cards on Saturday....

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