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Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
What a great sporting weekend! I mean really, it was great. The Final Four was unbelievably lame, but what are you gonna do.....par for the course for this tournament. However the NBA actually produced two good games today (Heat-Pistons, Suns-Mavs), Wrestlemania was off the proverbial chain, baseball is beginning, the Martinsville race was entertaining and I may be the only person who watched all of those events. And its not over.....tomorrow we watch the Gators repeat, all of the baseball teams start their season and the Billy D to Kentucky talk will overwhelm the airways. I admit to being easily pleased....but this was a good one. And by this time next week, we will have a coach....guaranteed or your money back. To the news.... (1) So lets start with the coaching search why dont we? It is not news at this point that the worst kept secret in America is that there is an offer waiting for Billy Donovan to become the Kentucky coach as soon as the game is over Monday night. Will he take it? Well as one national media member told me today, "all the Kentucky writers are sure he is coming, the Florida writers are sure he isnt, the national writers are split.....and no one knows what they are talking about." I think that is a fair take. The offer is out.....Billy will consider it. That much we know....but only he knows if he will take it. IT is clear that as of now, the answer is NOT no....if it were, he would have said so by now. But whether it becomes yes will be the mystery of the next couple of days. What is much more intriguing is what happens next. I am told by many close to the situation that Barnhart has a list of three, in order, and that the UK coach will come from that list by the end of the week. The process is in place to make a decision quickly if Donovan turns UK down. I have heard talk that Donovan has 72 hours after the game to make a decision, but I have no one that I think is close enough to the situation to say that for sure. Who are the two choices after Donovan? No one is saying for sure.....but my best guess from the information I have been told is that Billy Gillispie and Rick Barnes are the most likely contenders for that spot. I believe that four coaches were either spoken with, or their representatives were spoken with, this week. And from that group, the coach will come if Donovan says no. This week there will be lots of misinformation....we will tell you what we hear as the week goes on......it should be fun and hopefully the big prize will be there at the end (please not Barnes....) (2) A surprise of the weekend? No announcement by Patrick Patterson as to his final three. I was told at the McDonalds game that the announcement would be made on Friday.....it hasnt happened. It could come as soon as tomorrow, but the fact that is put off suggests to me that all are waiting to find out who the new UK coach will be. Same thing for Jai Lucas.....he said nothing will happen until UK makes a decision and he is able to talk to the new coach. I think UK has a shot at Lucas no matter who the new coach is.....Patterson in my view requires a Donovan hire. (3) Still hearing no credible info about Crawford leaving or any transfers. I think there is one potential transfer, Derrick Jasper, but no decision will be made until a new coach is hired. At this point, all talk to the contrary is simply guessing. (4) Wrestlemania was great. Vince McMahon got his head shaved, Jeff Hardy did an obscene jump off a 20 foot ladder onto Edge on another ladder, the Undertaker went old school with a great entrance and a win that makes him 15-0 at Wrestlemania, John Cena held onto the title (he is the worst), CM Punk still has a Pepsi and Cobra Commander tattoo, Aretha Franklin sang the national anthem and is 600 pounds, Mr Fuji went into the Hall of Fame which was odd but not as odd as Wade Boggs inducting Mr Perfect, my next door neighbor was a diva for the "LumberJill Match" and 80,000 people saw Donald Trump get stunned by Stone Cold. And oh yeah, I am 28 years old and I watch wrestling..... (5) Good but flawed teams often make the title game (Indiana in 02, Georgia Tech in 04), but they dont win the title. Ohio State is very good....but they are flawed. Florida wins.....and it might not be close. Check in thru the day for news and rumors as we hear them.....and go see "The Lookout".....its early, but it is the best movie I have seen this year. Great character drama, good heist film and Jeff Daniels has a great performance. Its worth your time.....as is the Sports Mob from 3-7 pm....but you already knew that.

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