Wrestlemania XXII and MLB Opening Day

by:Matt Jones04/02/06
First I will begin this post by answering a criticism sent in by one of our loyal readers. The individual said that we were not giving enough coverage to Kentucky football Spring Practice. Now I understand this concern. And I hope in the days ahead, when Rob returns from the Final 4, that we will have more updates from practice. Plus if there is any big story, we will certainly be there. But this is not a news site. The best Kentucky news site is www.kentuckysportsreport.com. That is the place for day to day info. We are here for insider information, goofy opinions and an offbeat look at Kentucky sports. But for news, we may not be your best bet. Now onto important tidbits. First of all, tonight was Wrestlemania XXII. The biggest event in our fair sport was once again, a huge success. I joined my friend DJ at a local eating establishment, where approximately 150 grown men sat screaming at a fake sport and yelling at every big move and cheering as if it was real. I of course was one of them, and I loved it. John Cena beat HHH in a match that had the entire restaurant picking sides and yelling at each other. Shawn Michaels executed the craziest jump off a ladder I have ever seen in beating Vince Mcmahon (who is HUGE and over 50....on teh cover of Muscle and Fitness.) Edge speared Mick Foley into a burning table in a move that had to be seen to be believed. And all of this happened as grown men acted like boys....wonderful. MLB season began tonight, much to the chagrin of the Turkey Hunter, who hates the sport. The good thing about baseball is that, like the NHL playoffs, it never ends. I am not a huge baseball guy, but I always like to have a game on in the background. A baseball website has produced audio of nine songs, one for each inning, to get you ready for the season. My favorite is the theme to RBI Baseball, which immediately made me think of KSR Radio contributor Duncan Cavanah's room, where he played it non-stop. Enjoy, especially if you like the "IF you Build, they will come Ray" scene from "Field of Dreams", which is also on here.

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