Writer Says Coach K Adapts to Time, Takes Shot at Rupp
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Writer Says Coach K Adapts to Time, Takes Shot at Rupp

Bobby Reaganover 5 years


Article written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
Coach+K+sneer Scrolling around the Internet today I came across something so unbelievably stupid I had to share it with the rest of you. A writer - I'm not even going to double check to make sure I spell his name correct - here had a post about Mike Krzuhefuhwuhucsduhef (spelling accurate per Drew Franklin) learning to adapt with his age and being a great coach. All fair points. K has 'embraced' the one-and-done more each year and you can't question how successful he has been. So what's the dumb part? Taking numerous shots at Adolph Rupp for not adapting, which is just incredibly false - but more on that later. First off the writer fails math miserably - wonder if he took classes at UNC - by saying K winning his fifth title is closer to Wooden's 10 titles than he his Rupp's four. Apparently six is closer than one, could have fooled me since I was a journalism major. After that he says "The reason is simple: Wooden and Krzyzewski adjusted to the times; Rupp didn’t." Oh, right. Must have forgot the part where Rupp was one of the first coaches to run a 1-3-1 trapping zone. Oh, or the fact he liked to play uptempo, something that wasn't common back when he coached. I guess facts are silly here, because you guessed it. Rupp didn't adjust to the times by only recruiting white guys. Nope, seriously, this is the quote; "Rupp, however, resisted the 1960s integration progress of the Civil Rights movement." I guess being one of the first coaches in the southeast to sign an African-American resisted the integration progress.

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