Yahoo! Calls WCS Boom-or-Bust

Yahoo! Calls WCS Boom-or-Bust

Bobby Reaganover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
willie-hair No, it's not Willie Cauley-Stein day here at KSR, but it just so happens there's a ton of news about our favorite former high school football player from Kansas. This time, it's Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress and Yahoo!, who questions if Willie can bring it night after night in the NBA. He listed 10 different type of boom-or-bust prospects and gave a best and worst case scenario for each one. He listed WCS as his 'Will he bring it every night?' candidate. Best case scenario was Andre Drummond and worst case scenario being Charlie Villanueva. It's starting to become a rather annoying question asked by every talking head around the NBA Draft. If you watched Cauley-Stein in college, you understand he brings it every night, his personality is just different. He has a different sort of drive, but any team (and their media) will be lucky to have him. Selfishly I hope it's the Knicks. @uklefty22

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