Yahoo! Sports: "If your school produced a first-round pick in the past three years, be worried.”

by:Jack Pilgrim02/21/18
Last week, Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports dropped a bombshell report saying over 50 schools could find themselves in trouble with the NCAA following the major FBI investigation sweeping college basketball. Tonight, both Thamel and Pat Forde released another report that should terrify the entire nation even further. According to Yahoo! Sports, the FBI has spreadsheets detailing every single player to receive illegal benefits, how much money they received, and how much they planned to receive. They also reported no school with a first-round pick over the last three years should sleep easy each night.
“There are spreadsheets detailing who got paid, how much they got paid and how much more they were planning to pay,” said a source familiar with the investigation. “The feds got everything they wanted and much more. Don’t think it will only be players who ended up signing with ASM that got paid. Those spreadsheets cast a wide net throughout college basketball. If your school produced a first-round pick in the past three years, be worried.”
In fact, this could impact the current eligibility of NCAA players, including "numerous prominent players in the upcoming NCAA tournament."
According to the sources, the financial records from Miller and wiretap conversations featuring Dawkins illuminate the blatant nature of deal-making to land top talent well before the players turn professional. Those deals could threaten the current eligibility of players because of NCAA amateurism rules and retroactively put in peril the contests participated in by those players. Sources said this includes numerous prominent players in the upcoming NCAA tournament, the showcase of college basketball. “It’s all there,” said a different source familiar with the investigation.
So when could we start seeing these NCAA violations/announcements come to fruition? Yahoo! reports it could last all the way through 2019 because the case is so massive.

In terms of potential NCAA violations, the information is expected to inevitably trickle out through pretrial motions and the trials themselves. Dates for three trials have been set, some of them not scheduled to begin until 2019. (There’s no certainty all of the collected information will get out, nor will there be any specific timeline when it’s released.)

There were several elite recruits that didn't sign on the dotted line with former NBA agent Andy Miller, but that doesn't make you immune from this case. In fact, more players received improper benefits from Miller than the agency actually signed.

So how deep did Miller’s operation go? One source with knowledge of the investigation estimated that ASM Sports was paying more than three times as many prospects, and families of prospects, as clients they signed. The impact on the NCAA landscape is expected to be significant. No one is certain if the federal government is targeting other NBA agents amid the competitive landscape, but it is widely believed within the sport that Miller was far from the only agent operating in this manner.

Uh oh.

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