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Hey! What did you do yesterday? Me? Ohhh, it was just a typical Saturday afternoon.  I made a big pot of white chili, cleaned up the house, and caught up on Hawaii Five-O.  A friend of mine was going to bring her new puppy by but she didn't want to get out in the snow.  That's too bad.  That dog is cute as a button.  So apparently Kentucky played football and basketball games yesterday, according to these links below, but I don't believe it.  I'd remember something like that.  Check these out and see if anything rings a bell... -- I find this hard to believe but Trey Thompkins scored 25 points in Georgia's upset win over Kentucky.  I call b.s. -- Jeff Drummond of Big Blue 24/7 calls this fictional football game from yesterday a Pitt-iful Ending.  KSR likes Jeff but I'm not sure what football game he is referring to. -- The Courier-Journal (it's a newspaper) missed an opportunity to use "Pitt" in its headline when it said special teams were the pitfall in Kentucky's loss to Pittsburgh.  Again, I have no idea what football game they're talking about. -- Andy Katz of podcast skipping fame believes Kentucky can win the SEC without Enes Kanter.  Which is irrelevant because Kentucky still has Kanter.  He's just a coach now. -- Speaking of Coach Kanter, Jerry Tipton has a few questions about Kanter's new role with the team.  That link is to a mean mugging baby.  You can find Tipton's work on your own. -- With averages of 21.8 points, 9 rebounds and 2.8 assists in his last five games, Big Cuz is coming into his own.  Glad to see Boogie getting it done in Sac-Town. Enjoy your Sunday Funday.

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