Yet another nickname possibility

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Kentucky's interior might lack in depth and size, but it's certainly not lacking in the nickname department.  With Josh Harrellson already sporting "Jorts", "Garbage Man" and "Mother Hen" alongside his boy Eloy, another possible entry entered the mix yesterday.  According to Brett Dawson of the Courier-Journal, Harrellson wasn't particularly fond of the "Mother Hen" moniker affixed to him by Boston University coach Patrick Chambers.  While Harrellson said that he understood the reasoning and promised to "fry up" any eggs laid by his teammates, he requested a slight variation of the nickname:
“Call me ‘Rooster,'” Harrellson said. “At least it's a male, you know?”
So, there you go.  You can call him rooster.  And feel free to use any of these analogies where they might fit.

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