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YETI Coolers' Tuesday Morning Wakeup

Drew Franklin08/04/15


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


If you own a YETI cooler, there is a very strong chance I hate you. I know I'm in the minority here, but I think the creation of the YETI cooler is the absolute worst thing to happen in America and it will one day destroy all of civilization. Let me explain: YETI coolers are incredibly overpriced and the hype surrounding them needs to chill the **** out. Sure, it's a very nice cooler, but people act like it's the telephone or the printing press or the wheel. It's not even the ShamWow or Awesome Auger. It's a cooler. It's an expensive cooler. It holds ice and things that need to be kept cold. My Coleman's been doing that for over two decades without problem and I didn't spend $400 on it. "But it holds ice for up to four days!" Awesome, man. Good for you and your ice. Name the last time you tailgated for four days. "It's bear-proof!" Why are you drinking around bears??!!! You got a death wish? Ugh I hate them so much. I'm getting all worked up thinking about them right now. Maybe it's because I spent the last two days in Madisonville, where people treat a YETI like the Hope Diamond, but it drives me absolutely nuts. Never seen so much excitement around a plastic ice chest. I hope every YETI owner in the world loses their prized possession within a month of paying too much for it. And I hope they lose it to a bear. I hate you, YETI. You suck. (Although I will make an exception for the koozies. Those are acceptable.) Let's talk sports...   Rawle Alkins shined in last night's adidas Nation title game. The UK target and future Big Blue Madness visitor scored a game-high 26 points for Team Rose in the championship victory over Team Wall. Alkins took home MVP honors after connecting on six of his eight three-point attempts. Kobi Simmons added 19 points, six assists and zero turnovers in the win. Markelle Fultz had 16 in the losing effort on 7-of-25 shooting. It's almost time for fall football camp. The Cats have two more days off before they report for fall camp on Thursday, signaling the official beginning of the 2015 season. Friday is Media Day and the doors will open for Fan Day on Saturday. Football is finally here! I love this Sacramento Suicide Squad video. Jason Gallagher over at Grantland made a video for the Kings' potentially "suicidal" 2015-16 season. https://youtu.be/76wOnjOOtP8 As the resident Kings fan around here, I love the Suicide Squad angle and parody. Very well done. UK's latest football commit looks good in his new uniform. Boogie Watson became the 22nd member in Mark Stoops' 2016 recruiting class last night. The outside linebacker from Maryland tried on the UK jersey while visiting campus last month. https://twitter.com/JamarW01/status/622486390526377984 Though he doesn't have a long list of offers or an impressive ranking in the class, the staff loves his athleticism and potential. Now it's time to add one more to the class and work to hold it all together over the next six or so months. KSR is in McKee today! Matt and the gang will be at the Old Courthouse beginning at 10:00 am.  

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