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Aritcle written by:C.M. TomlinC.M. Tomlin
Friends, As you loyal readers of this blog are by no doubt aware, the past few months have been a tumultuous one for the Big Blue Nation. I'm not talking about the shifts in recruiting (Jai Lucas, the tribe has spoken), the disappointing moments (Beas Hamga, you've been eliminated from the race), or things we saw coming (Reggie Hanson, you're fired). I'm talking about this site's latest and greatest competition, the one that's sweeping the state and beyond -- Kentucky Sports Radio Idol! Let's face it. If there's one thing that people love these days, it's singing. You see it everywhere. On the television. In movies. There are even machines you can have put into your car so you can enjoy listening to singing while you drive. We here at the Kentucky Sports Radio compound are no exception to this new fad. We recently hired a high-powered research firm out of Manhattan to analyze our viewer and reader base. The demographics they collected informed us that for UK sports fans, the resoundingly second greatest love is musical performance. Who are we to argue with the numbers? That's why, as you know, over a month ago we introduced Kentucky Sports Radio Idol, a competition wherein we could discover the greatest singers in the Wildcat fan base. We asked for your tapes, and they were delivered in droves. 8-year old Kaylie Morton wowed us with her sweet, babyfaced rendition of Fight the Power, we receieved literally hundreds of multiple submissions of Bette Midler's The Rose (I'm looking at you, Katman2000), and unfortunately had to return a few to their senders (sorry, Stephen Barker of Flagstaff, very few of us here have an interest in watching you poop. This is not the appropriate website for that). We posted the finalists here several weeks ago, and you voted. And voted, and voted. All in all, we received over 24,000 votes for the next Kentucky Sports Radio Idol, and today we bring you your winner. But first, the finalists: Now, ladies and gentleman, your winner: Remember, we're all superstars. Keep dreaming. Keep reaching those goals. And maybe, just maybe, next year you can be the Kentucky Sports Radio Idol! That is all.

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