You Talkin' to Me? You Must Be, because it's Need-to-Know Wednesday!

You Talkin' to Me? You Must Be, because it's Need-to-Know Wednesday!

C.M. Tomlinover 14 years


Aritcle written by:C.M. TomlinC.M. Tomlin
Tomlin here. Sometimes things just catch you off guard. Case in point: I was in London the other night, having drinks at the Coningham Arms (a brisk block from the Shepherd's Bush Tube Stop), when a rowdy football firm touting Arsenal jerseys and Louisville Sluggers decided to stop in unannounced for a pint. Things were quiet at first, which was a good thing, but after several pulls of the tap things got a little rowdy. The growingly heated conversation from the corner had something to do with Morrissey's solo work versus the Smiths oeuvre as a whole, but I wasn't listening that closely. After all, Return to Lullingstone Castle was playing on BBC 1 over the bar. Can you blame me? When I heard a glass break, it was mere minutes before the tavern erupted into a blood-frenzied mob. Fists were flying and I had only narrowly escaped a broken Tennants bottle to the gut when a Lanzera turf shoe caught me in the small of the back. I went down. When I regained my wherewithal, I realized it was survival of the fittest on Uxbridge Road. I bring this up today because, dear readers, one never knows when he (or she) will find themselves in the midst of a fight. It's important to be prepared -- one would hope you'd never need these skills, but it's Need-to-Know Wednesday. And I'm looking out for you. That's why my good friend and UFC legend Bas Rutten put together this video in a local T.G.I.Friday's one morning before the lunch rush came in. He, like me, understands that one should be ready at a moment's notice should someone decide to go all Double Dragon on you. And I thought we should all be privy to such crucial information. So check it out. It just might save your life. That is all.

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