You want news.....I got big Jai Lucas news

by:Matt Jones09/25/06
If you have been following UK recruiting, you know that the key to this class, in terms of bringing everyone together that needs to be brought together is Jai Lucas. His in-home visit was Sunday night and I spoke with him tonight. We went over a lot of stuff, but here are some of his answers to my questions: So tell me how the visit with Tubby went. It was a great visit. Coach Smith and Coach Hanson were here and we just got to talk basketball for a long time. I really got to see what a great guy Coach Smith is all the way around. We spent a lot of time together and he was here almost six hours. But time flies when you are talking basketball. Anything specific about the visit that you remember? How about the powerpoint presentation we have heard about? Yeah he showed that. It just went into the school and the history of Kentucky basketball, with all the national championships. It showed where all the players live and stuff like that. It was very interesting. Did Coach Smith talk to you at all about the class he is recruiting? Oh yeah he talked a lot about that. He talked about Pat, those twins, James Anderson and AJ Stewart and how we would be a great group to play together. I know you know Patterson, do you know the other guys too? Yeah I know those guys. The twins, Pat and James Anderson and I played together at the NBA camp. So how would you rate the visit? Oh it was great. I cant wait to go to the campus and see the school. I am looking forward to seeing the fans and all that. It should be a great time. Those were the highlights of the conversation. In addition, Jai said he stayed in contact a lot with Patterson and that he was looking forward to seeing him in Lexington. He also said he talked a lot with James Anderson and Jai's mentioning of the Arkansas player's name was very interesting to me. It is also good to see Coach Smith going into detail about how Jai fits in with the class he is going after. The names mentioned may give some notion of who the staff is really targeting. However it may also be that since Jai has a relationship with those guys, those were the ones that Coach Smith focused on. Jai reiterated to me that he wasnt sure when he would make a decision but it would be soon. I will say again after this conversation that I feel very good about Jai. I think Jai LOVES Tubby, which is a huge factor for this kid. I do think that Midnight Madness tells the tale. He could commit on the spot....if he leaves and goes on the Maryland visit, well then who knows. But for now, Jai could not have sounded happier. And while you are here, listen to the new Episode 7 of the Radio Show.

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