Your Final Four/NBA Draft Morning Links

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It's just me and you again all day today. We'll be mixing things up a bit with the Kentucky-less Final Four going on. I'll bring you the UK news that comes along but there will also be mostly news from Indy flooding the market today. We'll also have a couple open threads for you guys to discuss the games as they happen. For now, here's your Final Four/NBA Draft morning links:

- Duke is easily the most hated team in the Final Four, and they're not necessarily the popular pick

- Mike Decourcy doesn't agree that this Duke team is easily hated

- Five factors that can win, or lose, you the national title

- Jay Bilas gives his preview of the Duke-WVU bout (PS He's a genius so listen up)

- Butler-MSU final four preview

- The Truck hopes to be runnin' for WVU Saturday night

- Final Four Rankings: Go to guys, coaches, sixth men, three point shooters and secondary scoring options.

- Final Four Rankings: Players by position

- Draft status for the historical mass exodus that is likely to occur this offseason for UK

- Demarcus Cousins, not John Wall, could be the #1 pick.

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