Andrew Wiggins' recruitment now has its own website

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Wiggins-3goggles Andrew Wiggins' recruitment has become such a spectacle that it's spawned its own website (although at times, it feels like that's what KSR has become). is devoted to Wiggins' choice, with a poll, twitter feed, and fun but kind of irrelevant stats about the basketball phenom. The creator of the site compares Wiggins' stats from his senior year to those of the NBA's greatest. Check them out: Points Per Game Andrew Wiggins: 23.4 Magic Johnson: 28.8 Michael Jordan: 29.2 Kobe Bryant: 30.8 Larry Bird: 31 Lebron James: 31.6 Rebounds Per Game Lebron James: 9.6 Andrew Wiggins: 11.1 Michael Jordan: 11.6 Kobe Bryant: 12 Magic Johnson: 16.8 Larry Bird: 21 Assists Per Game Andrew Wiggins: 2.5 Larry Bird: 4 Lebron James: 4.6 Kobe Bryant: 6.5 Michael Jordan: 10.1 Just call it your second favorite website.

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