You've Been Watching Basketball for Four Straight Weeks -- Catch Up With Funkhouser

Chris Tomlinover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
  Funkhouser Logo-1 Watching UK Basketball for the past four weeks has been like falling from the top of a very tall building: invigorating until the sudden stop at the end. So how can you possibly assimilate back into a society without Doug Shows or a guitar-playing Shaq? Luckily your friends at Funkhouser always have one eye on pop culture. Here's what you may have missed there this past week: - Game of Thrones' fifth season premieres tonight on HBO; Josh Juckett has the refresher course you need to remember everything you've forgotten since last June in the Game (of Thrones) Reset. -Early looks at two highly-anticipated events of 2015: an intriguing trailer for the new season of True Detective and a cringe-worthy clip from the summer blockbuster Jurassic World. Treat yo'self. -The Funkhouser Film Room breaks down the star-studded commercial for whatever the new music service Tidal is, scene by scene. -Megan Suttles drowned her tournament sorrows in Vin Diesel's hairlessness and Furious 7's insane stunts and lived to tell about it with Seven Fast Thoughts and One Furious Note. -Kalan Kucera tried his best to take our minds off the UK loss with kittens, piglets, Spinal Tap and Leprechaun in Da Hood 2. Head over and check it all out.

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