Zion Williamson and Calipari text every other day

Zion Williamson and Calipari text every other day

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Since the July recruiting period began, we’ve learned two things: Zion Williamson is the real deal, and Kentucky’s chances of landing him look very good.

Not only has Williamson gone on record saying he wants to be a package deal with Immanuel Quickley, the recruit most likely to commit to Kentucky first, he told reporters last week that he wants to make his decision soon. Given the buzz surrounding the Quickley-Williamson package deal, the quicker the decision the better for Kentucky, and today, the five-star phenom told Rivals’ Corey Evans he and John Calipari text every two days.

“Coach Cal (John Calipari) texts me every two days,” Williamson said. “He just says if my dream is to get to the NBA, I can help you do that. They are just known for that, making one-and-dones.”

I still wonder what Calipari and recruits talk about on these texts (to me, Cal seems like an emoji guy), but that’s good news. Judging by Zion’s comments, it sounds like he and Cal text more frequently than Coach K or Bill Self, which is also good news.

Here’s why:


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