Zion Williamson's announcement will go head-to-head with UK/Florida

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


The timing of Zion Williamson’s announcement is a big source of speculation, and after a little digging, I’ve discovered that it will go head-to-head with Kentucky’s game vs. Florida on ESPN’s networks.

An ESPN representative tells me Zion’s announcement will be televised at 8:15 p.m. on SportsCenter on ESPN2. Previously, it was scheduled for 8 p.m., leaving open the possibility that it would be shown on the 15-minute College GameDay lead in to Kentucky vs. Florida on ESPN, but that will not be the case. The announcement will take place at Zion’s high school, Spartanburg Day School, and will be followed by a breakdown of the decision by ESPN recruiting insider Jeff Borzello and SportsCenter anchors Zubin Mehenti and Kevin Connors.

What does this mean? The fact that the announcement is taking place at the SAME time as tip off of Kentucky/Florida on a different network rather than 15 minutes before tip on the same network feels like bad news to me; however, perhaps ESPN didn’t want to sandwich the announcement into such a small time frame, especially when they can eat up time on SportsCenter with analysis, etc.

Also of note: Kentucky is the only team on Zion’s list whose schedule conflicts with the announcement. North Carolina plays at 2 p.m.; Duke and Clemson at 4 p.m.; and Kansas and South Carolina at 6 p.m. With almost every recruiting analyst predicting Zion to pick Clemson — although none guaranteeing it — this certainly doesn’t seem like good news for Kentucky.

Or, it could mean nothing at all. Luckily, we’ll find out tomorrow.


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