Zy'Aire Hughes, Benny Snell, and Terry Wilson talk about their Big Play
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Zy'Aire Hughes, Benny Snell, and Terry Wilson talk about their Big Play

Brent Wainscottabout 3 years


Article written by:Brent WainscottBrent Wainscott
In Kentucky's rout of Murray State, Benny Snell was able to get his first career touchdown pass(technically) and, just as impressive, it was to Zy'Aire Hughes. Hughes's first touch of his career and it went for a 49-yard touchdown. The play was a double reverse out of the wildcat. Benny took the snap and pitched it forward to terry, technically a pass, then Terry would lateral the ball to Hughes going the opposite direction, and Hughes would take it to the house from there. For those of you keeping at home, Snell gets credited with the touchdown pass, Wilson gets credit for the reception, and Hughes gets credit for the yards. College football is crazy, huh? After the game, Benny Snell, Terry Wilson, and Z'Aire Hughes all said they knew it was going to be a touchdown. Hughes said, "I knew before the play even started. I was gonna score." According to Hughes, this play was going to run today no matter what, he just didn't know when and once his number was called he took every advantage of that opportunity. Even though Benny Snell got his first career touchdown on the play, he was more excited about his own block that was able to sping Hughes free. "The block was the best thing; it just worked out like it did in practice I had one man he came, so I had to go and give it to him." Benny Snell's only regret on the play? The fact he didn't "Bunchy" the Murray State defender. Even though he was more concerned about his block, Benny still made sure to let Terry Wilson know about his touchdown pass: Can we expect more TD passes from Benny Snell going forward? Snell said, "Soon to come, you'll see." A great call by Eddie Gran makes for today's biggest play, with Zy'Aire's first play going for six, Benny Snell's first touchdown pass and great block, there was so much to like about this play. This play could easily set up a bigger play down the road. Congratulations to Zy'Aire Hughes for his first career touchdown! As a side note, we all know Benny Snell can run, now he can block and get passing touchdowns? Did someone say, Heisman? Follow me on twitter: @BrentW_KSR

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