Wolverine TV podcast: Harbaugh returns, non-conference takeaways and more

Anthony Broome09/18/23
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Michigan football is out of the non-conference slate and the real tests begin now. Rutgers comes into town on Saturday for the Big Ten opener, and we know the Wolverines will have a large target on their back as back-to-back conference champs.

Monday night’s show with TheWolverine.com’s Anthony Broome, Chris Balas and Clayton Sayfie revolved around Harbaugh’s return to game-day coaching after a three-week suspension, as well as whether or not we are buying the narratives and storylines coming out of Big Ten play.

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Jim Harbaugh weighs in on Michigan’s non-conference play

Really so much to unpack there. From other coaches stepping up, other staff stepping up, other players stepping up, just the amount of leadership bonds that were necessary, that were created. All the tremendous positives that came from that. Told you this before but Moses had 70 leaders, how many do we need? A lot. More. That really created an opportunity to do that. From my perspective, I went to a place I’ve never been, which wasn’t on the sidelines. As a player or a coach. At a friend’s house, Sherrone’s house, one week, the other week watching the game at my house. Last weekend, traveling, watching the game on a computer. Quite a bit. Seeing the game in a different way, through a different lens. I think it’s made me a better coach.

“Maybe there’s been too much put on the players that they’ve got to win by 40 points or 30 points. 25 points. That’s a lot. Make sure our team knows that. That’s the goal is to win the game. Next is, you pray for this and you hope for this, is that you come out of the game with no injuries. Then it’s where you start to get greedy. I want defense to be the best, I want the offense to be the best, I want the special teams to be the best. Then I get even more greedy. I want each position group to be the best and then each individual player to be the best. That’s what we want. That’s where we want to go and that’s what we want to be about. We’re going to chase that. We’re going to keep chasing that perfection.”

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