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Michigan great Braylon Edwards slams Michigan State over Peach Bowl rings 

Trevor Ritchie05/08/22
Article written by:On3 imageTrevor Ritchie


Gregory Shamus/Getty Image

Ex-Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards had a bone to pick with rival Michigan State in a take he posted Friday afternoon. 

For context, MSU shared pictures of its 2021 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl rings on Thursday (which on one side feature the 37-33 score from last year’s matchup with the Wolverines) along with the caption “Earned, not given.” @MSU_Football‘s bio on Twitter also reads “2021 Peach Bowl Champs.” 

Edwards, a Biletnikoff Award winner who played eight seasons in the NFL, didn’t hold back in the least when reacting to the new Spartans bling. 

This is the problem with Michigan State…

Edwards: “It’s such an inferiority complex that they have. You’re playing in the Peach Bowl, and you put up the score of Michigan when you played and beat them in October, 33 to 37? Which really didn’t mean anything anyway because Michigan still won the Big Ten, and you’re playing in the Peach Bowl. Why are you so worried about Michigan? You know what score would actually have been better on that ring? 40-29. You know what that score is? Oh, that’s the produced score the following week. You beat Michigan like you do all the time, and what happens in the next game? You lose. ‘Cause Michigan is the only game that matters to you. You’re so focused on the in-state that you can’t get to the national scene. There’s one school in the state of Michigan that focuses on the national scene. They don’t always get there, that’s the University of Michigan, but that’s their mindset. It’s national championship or bust.”

On the 2021 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Edwards (via Twitter): “Don’t forget MSU was losing to a Kenny Pickettless Pitt. Then the back up got hurt and MSU came back to beat the 3rd string QB. I would want people to forget the Peach Bowl!!!!”

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